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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Being charged with a federal crime is a serious issue that requires a talented lawyer to help you handle it. The experienced attorneys at Tulsa Law Group, PC provide thorough federal criminal defense from our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We'll make sure you understand every aspect of your case and help you get your life back on track after a federal criminal charge.

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We serve the needs of clients in Stillwater, Sallisaw, Muskogee, Oklahoma City, and the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Charged with a Crime?

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Don't go into a federal trial alone. The attorneys at Tulsa Law Group, PC help clients fight charges related to:

  • Drug possession and sale

  • Homicide

  • Robbery

  • Social Security fraud

  • Medicare fraud

  • Tax evasion

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You don't have to face the criminal justice system alone. There is highly-trained, experienced legal representation available from a knowledgeable attorney. At Tulsa Law Group, you will receive sound legal counsel and aggressive advocacy to help you pursue the most favorable outcome available to you in your case. Put yourself in the strongest position to seek a positive result by working with a law firm that specializes in defending people who have been charged with serious federal crimes.

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